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Authentic Website Information


Of course you expect to find information on this site about our services, what's new, and upcoming events. You also want to do it knowing that the pages open in your browser, there are no problems viewing the pages, they open quickly, you can navigate easily from page to page, and you can read the pages without a lot of clutter.

We will post "What's new" about the website on our News page. If you are interested, on this page we will tell you a little more about the site. For instance, how to navigate our site and a little background like the standards we've used.


We've tried to make page links easily identifiable. Most page links can be found in the left column of every page and they look like buttons. Below you will find samples of the different page links (they are only for illustration so they don't actually link to any pages on this site).


Sample Button Page Link

These are found on the left side of every page.

Button for Current page

For example, if you are on the Home page, then the Home button on the left side of the page will look like this.

This is a normal link

It will change to orange with underlining when the mouse is over it.

Shop Logo

Images with a link will look like this. Most of these types of links are on our Links page, and when clicked, the page will open in a new window.


Flash animation can make for a fancy looking page, but can also cause a page to load much slower. While there is no right or wrong solution, we chose not to have flash animation, so the website pages open faster. Not only that, but we have also reduced the size of images used on the site and that too helps pages load faster.

Many websites use a lot of java script and we have seen many java scripts not work as expected for variety of reasons. With that in mind, this site is 100% java script free.

Browser Compatibility

We test our entire site regularly using the top four browsers to make sure each page will open, display, and perform as expected, so you won't run into hassles just trying use our site. Below are the current versions that have been used for testing. Note, we may have upgraded the browser for testing even before we update it in the list below.

Browser Version
Internet Explorer 8.0
FireFox 3.5.8
Chrome (Google) 4.0
Safari 4.0.4

Our most recent browser update and test was completed on
March 2, 2010.


Not only do we check our pages to make sure they open up in the top four browsers, but we also ensure that the html in each page is valid. We do this by validating all pages at the W3C website. The standard we work to is XHTML and we are please to say that all pages meet this standard. The only exception is that we allow external links to open in a new window.

We also use Cascading Style Sheets in this site, and just like the html code, we validate the CSS as well. We are pleased to meet the standard for CSS 2.1.

In short, we have met these standards to ensure that the site operates well for you and that you won't have any problems when you visit our site.

Many site designers have continued to use smaller fixed sized fonts. With today's higher resolution monitors that can make the text very hard to read. Our font sizes are a little larger than many other websites, and you can increase or decrease the font size with your browser with minimal effect on the page displayed.


Like many websites, the design of this one is a collaboration of ideas from ourselves and our customers. Thank you for your feedback and please keep it coming. We are always looking for ways to improve the site for our customers.

Most of the shop photos used in this site were taken by J.M. Photography. And of course, Show & Shine photos are courtesy of Critter from The Rider's Mag.

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